P.S.F. Mech

I've been learning a bit more about creating hardsurface designs in zbrush.

Swat Guy 2

Swat guy 1

I finished off the sketch i did a long while back. It's been done for a while and has just been collecting dust on my hard drive.

Construction Mech

I was messing around with sketchup this week and came up with a few quick designs. Here's the first one.

Alien Experiment 01 Portrait

I just felt like rendering out a close up of the head on this one.

mech pilot urban wear

I haven't painted a character design in a while, so I came up with this guy. He's a mech pilot, for some mech that I haven't designed yet....I'll get to it eventually. I also worked out a regular pilot suit, which I still need to render up. That one will happen for sure in the next week or so. The rest of this week is the San Diego Comic-Con(!), so I'm taking a bit of a break for a few days to head down there. Hope to see some friendly faces there!

Goblin Creature 2

I wanted to mess with that previous goblin design a little bit more and changed the proportions a little bit. So I took the old model, pushed and pulled it around and re-sculpted sections of it. Then I chose a slightly different color design for it and re-composited/painted in the background....and there ya go.

Goblin creature

Here's a goblin type character. He's malnourished and all drooly-looking.

Bug Armor 2

I was looking at the mech/armor from Appleseed a while back and that design really sunk into my head. I wanted to do something influenced by that, so I came up with this. I'm still having fun with the insect shapes, so I kept going along those lines. For an operator to fit in the suit properly, I would have to go back and take a better look at the proportions of that center torso area. It's all good though. I had fun with this one.

Orc Creature

I wanted to take a crack at creating an orc....so there ya go. Zbrush and photoshop.


I was really digging the new Cyclops design for the Marvel Now! relaunch of the Xmen, so I made this piece of fanart in zbrush.